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Как укладывать ламинат на деревянный пол

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Все видео пользователя: Парни из Камня.

Ламинат для укладки, подложки и пробка в Петровиче - https://ali2.ru/g1EZPQWZ

Как укладывать ламинат на деревянный пол!

Однажды канал уже снимал видео об укладке ламината, но то была цементно-песчанная стяжка и наливной пол, классика в первородном смысле, и мы приняли решение показать более изощрённый способ, а именно уложить классический 32-ой ламинат на деревянный пол! Учимся класть ламинат самостоятельно в выпуске №123 (от 15 декабря) - \"Как класть ламинат на деревянный пол\"!

Видео будет большим, и я распишу его по составляющим, саммари того, что Вы увидите:

- подготовка деревянного пола к укладке ламината: надо вскрыть часть паркета, найти все лаги и тщательно их прокрутить, для устранения скрипа досок.

- после поверх дерева надо стелить листы ЦСП, также скрупулёзно покручивая.

- за ЦСП нужно сделать наливной пол, мы возьмём тонкослойный на гипсовой основе (Волма - Нивелир).

- после высыхания, надо разложить синтетические маты, которые заменят обычную подложку.

- и лишь после того, как нам удалось подготовить деревянный пол под ламинат, мы его быстренько настилаем, отталкиваясь от проверенных стандартов.

Плюс бонус, руководствуясь которым, Вы сможете самостоятельно завести ламинат под старые двери!

Для лидера соцсетей видео о том, как своими руками (самостоятельно уложить ламинат на дерево или паркет) - https://vk.com/guysstone...

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Видео №123 о прогрессивной подготовке пола из дерева к укладке ламината с подрезками - https://www.youtube.com/c/Guysstone...

How to style laminate wood floor!

The result of what you'll see:

- Preparation of the wooden floor for laying laminate: it is necessary to open a part of the parquet, to find all the logs and carefully scroll through them, to eliminate the creaking boards.

- After the top of the tree is necessary to lay sheets of DSP, also twisting.

- For the DSP to do self-leveling floor, we take a thin layer on a plaster base.

- After drying, it is necessary to expand the synthetic mats, which will replace the conventional substrate.

- And only after we have been able to prepare a wood floor under a laminate, we quickly plank, building on proven standards.

Plus bonus, guided by which you will be able to make the laminate under an old door!

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Полезное видео? Напиши СПАСИБО, если так!

How to lay a laminate on a wooden floor! Hello everyone, friends! On air broadcast GuysStone! And today we recommend to watch the release from the beginning to the end!.

Why?! You ask. As it will be interesting and unusual..

Yes, laying a laminate on a wooden floor is really unusual, but sometimes it's just inevitable..

And over the years we have developed a technology that guarantees high-quality laying of the laminate..

And compliance with technology takes time. And you will understand by changing the hairstyle in the frame that time was spent a lot..

- Screwdriver - Mounting - Hacksaw for wood - Roller with needles - Drill - Roulette with a pencil - Electric jigsaw - Rubber hammer - Screwdriver straight - Construction angle bracket.

And how to laminate the wooden floors? How? How? How?.

No way! Do not lie. There is one way, and we used it more than once. More precisely two times. First, we scroll this wooden floor as much as possible with screws on the logs, so that it does not creak..

Then we put cement-chipboards on the floor and also scroll them with wood screws..

Well, then ... then you'll see for yourself. And now we will find logs, we will note where they are, then to fasten. Lags are not difficult to find. First we will open a part of a parquet and we will clean it aside. Usually between the boards there are ... gaps..

We find a lag and note. If there is no gap, then it is necessary to open a whole board and find logs..

The board then screw back and part of the parquet, so we get the right plane..

Things have gone. Someone turns the parquet, someone scrolls the boards and so on before installing the cement-chipboards..

And so we got rid of the creaking of the floor, now it's time for cement-chipboards. Introduce the patient..

Here it is - a cement-particle board. Let's go and look at it closely. The guys put her down. As you can see, the first sheet begins with the trimming. Than to cut such plates? We cut it off with an ordinary hacksaw. Since there will be a lot of dust from an angle grinder in a confined space..

Move on me. All sheets by analogy with gypsum plasterboard are launched at random. We pierce the plate with screws in the middle and along the perimeter..

Self-tapping screws should be on wood! Ran out..

And do you think that it is possible to lay a laminate on cement-chipboards? Max, what do you think?.

No you can not! The floor is still not sufficiently level, with the hats from the screws sticking out in places. They do not go through the wood and the cement-particle boards to the end..

Therefore, we glue the entire perimeter of the film so as not to stain the walls and make a thin screed of the floor..

And remember that with a thin screed you do not need a damper tape that removes the linear tension of the floors..

And after carrying out all painting works, it's time to start laying the laminate..

First we ground the floor, we stole the cover and drove..

The primer dried and it's time to decompose the synthetic mats. We got such, there are some covers in rolls. The hostess chose and we have what we have..

We spread it out..

We take paint tape and a knife, where it is necessary to cut and all the joints are glued..

We begin to lay the laminate. How to do it?! Usually the laminate is put perpendicular to the window, but we have two windows and we will start from the entrance group..

And so the first stick. Naturally we saw all the corners. And we try to put ourselves along the wall with whole sticks. And the laminate has two grooves - one big and small. Do not confuse them, since a small groove is always inserted into the large one. So all the laminate is going. Let's start. The first stick is sawn in advance. Do not forget to make technical gaps along the walls..

The gap can be made with a piece of laminate. So, let's begin. We are setting up a second stick. Align, insert into the groove and slide..

We did not insert a piece here specially..

We will show separately how to saw the laminate under the door frame. Let's go further. Now we will insert the third board. Carefully it winds at an angle of 45 degrees. We lower the board. Do not forget about the technical gap..

The next board is inserted absolutely the same way..

Something like this. We form a gap with the wall. And how to do the second row ?! Look, we have a whole board ... We cut it and a small piece will go to the end of the row. And with the rest of the piece, we'll start the second row..

With this method, we greatly economize the laminate..

But the manufacturers recommend that the laminates be cut at least 40 centimeters. So, if you have a small trim, do it yourself..

Or put it, оr cut a new piece of laminate not less than 40 cm. Here, in principle, and the whole nuance..

Also insert the board at 45 degrees and clap it..

Next will be a whole stick. First we start the butt..

Maximally moving to the edge. Inserted, moving. Until the gap disappears..

And we continue ....

There are situations when the laminate does not want to fit into the groove. Therefore, we offer you one way. Take a piece of laminate with grooves. We paste. See the slit? And punching!.

Laminate stood up, right..

See how the last trimming is inserted. In the side groove we insert, as usual..

And to snap the laminate on yourself, you need to mount and a piece of laminate..

We substitute a piece. With the help of the mounting, we gradually snap it..

It's all. Now let's show the case when a laminate should be approached to the old door..

Ideally, first we make a laminate, and then put the box. But what if the door already stands ?!.

I'll show you the way. We take a piece of laminate and substitute it for the door frame, making a plane..

Done. Now we stick the laminate with paint tape..

Now I will explain why this is necessary..

We take a hacksaw ... and saw through the door frame on our floor plane..

Both quarters of the box..

The front part of the door frame is sawed through, and the back is literally half a centimeter..

That's enough. Now, with the chisel or straight screwdriver, it is necessary to knock out the sawn parts..

We take a piece of laminate..

Remove the adhesive tape..

We will use a screwdriver. And a rubber mallet. You see, the tree is easily split..

We also need to remove this part of the box..

We check whether we were shot down or not. We set up our sample under the door frame..

You see, there is a gap. So we need to shoot down some more wood..

Now it should be enough. Here! Now our laminate will go under the box and the gap will be minimal..

Now the previously cut out piece of laminate should be inserted into the groove..

Framed. Now we need a rubber hammer. And forward ....

We hammer into the groove..

It's hard, but it's coming. We must try to snap it..

And so, gentlemen, everything turned out beautifully..

Once again we want to emphasize that our personal way of laying a laminate on a wooden floor..

It is suitable, by the way, for laying tiles on wood. The main thing is to carefully punish the wooden floor with screws and make sure that it does not creak..

There should be no creaking. Yes. It's enough for today. With you were GuysStone. Do it yourself - do it well! Bye!

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