Заливка, свяжка, ремонт пола
Множество рекомендаций по ремонту пола.
Видео с дельными советами. Как сделать свой пол теплым и ровным.

Красотка Позвала Починить Унитаз. Room Tour.

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Мне написала подписчица: попросила починить унитаз. И я подумал, что вам это может быть интересным. Т.к. все-таки с мелким бытовым ремонтом каждый из нас сталкивается в жизни на много чаще, чем с глобальным капитальным ремонтом. Поэтому думаю, что информация из сегодняшнего ролика может быть для кого-то полезной.

Расскажу, как устроен бачок унитаза, какие существуют распространенные проблемы с ним и на конкретном примере покажу, как эти проблемы можно решить своими руками.

Помимо этого девушка расскажет об удачных интерьерных решениях примененных при ремонте квартиры.

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Hi, guys! A female subscriber wrote me asking to fix her leaking toilet So I decided to show you this process Because this problem occurs quite often So this info may help someone As everyone faces these small fixes more often than a global renovation So sit down comfortably and enjoy!.

Hi! I know the answer but say for the views how old you are I'm 23 Great! Show me the problem So the problem is that water leaks non-stop.

This is quite a popular problem so let me explain first how a toilet works.

For this purpose I'm gonna take a panel off.

This flexible pipe let water into the tank The cork regulates water level.

If you press the cork water continues to rise This ruler allows you to choose a desirable level.

This central element is the reason of leakage.

To fix it we must change a pad on the bottom of the tank.

So now I'm gonna take the tank off.

I guess it's better one time to see than a thousand words.

This pad need to be replaced.

Notice how a new pad is much thicker than an old one.

As you know I often tell about mistakes of renovation.

Some of you also asked me to tell about good interior solutions So let's ask the girl to tell about the appartment.

Vika, what do you like in your appartment? I like this pannel Because it's easy to clean The panel is also well-combined with the counter-top.

I also like this wall because it hides all the dirty dishes when I sit on the sofa.

Pipes of the heating system are covered with a drywall.

This construction serves many purposes.

For those who are interested I'm explaining what alterantive solutions might be applied.

The simplest solution is just to paint the pipe.

I like tile on a kitchen floor.

I often drop and spill smth So floor material must be durable.

Yes, but tile is cold... You are bare-foot. Aren't you cold?.

I have floor heating here.

I like my wallpapers They create neutral background for my pictures.

Ok, but why are walls blue?.

Now I like it but later I can easily change the color.

I like shower.

I don't like bath-tub because you have to lift your legs high.

That's true but in a bath-tub you can relax....

I know other ways to relax (if you know what I mean :).

So now let's finish what we've started.


Vika, everything is fine! Great! I've also finished If you want more such videos, smash LIKE button.

Guys, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the channel Bye-bye!

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