Заливка, свяжка, ремонт пола
Множество рекомендаций по ремонту пола.
Видео с дельными советами. Как сделать свой пол теплым и ровным.

Красотка Позвала Починить Кухню. Рум Тур.

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Мне написала подписчица: попросила починить кухню. И я подумал, что вам это может быть интересным. Т.к. все-таки с мелким бытовым ремонтом каждый из нас сталкивается в жизни на много чаще, чем с глобальным капитальным ремонтом. Поэтому думаю, что информация из сегодняшнего ролика может быть для кого-то полезной.

Помимо этого девушка расскажет об удачных интерьерных решениях примененных при ремонте квартиры.

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I wanna tell you about MY.... sink I'm a perfectionist so.... After wine location has changed.... Too much alcohol can harm your health Hey, guys! A female subscriber wrote me asking to fix her kitchen..

Hi, how're you doing? :).

Say hi to the viewers... Show what's broken - Ok, let's go to the kitchen..

Kitchen facade doesn't close properly....

It irritates me :) I tried fixing it myself but I'm afraid to break it....

Ok, I'll fix it later. In the meanwhile tell subscribers about your condo. It looks nice.....

I like my window. I added these decorative elements which make the window look unusual..

I also like this niche for curtains..

So I don't see all those mounting elements. I'm a perfectionist so.....

Ok, got the niche - what else can you tell?.

I like the concept of zoning with different kinds of tile..

Many people use laminate on kitchen floor... but it's not water resistant so I prefer tile..

But to make it more interesting I've decided to use 2 different kinds of tile.

I wanna tell you about MY.... SINK!.

I like it sooo damn much!.

As you can see there is very little space here in my bathroom, so I tried to save space.

Because of the size of my bathroom I had no choice but to instal a shower.

I don't like standard showers so I chose this construction.

Ok, but is it enough space for you here? :).

Yeah, look I'm not fat so I can take a shower comfortably.

Sometimes after a hard day I even sit on the floor here :).

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I like a big mirror with a lot of light. So it makes easy for make up.

So now let's do what I was asked to - fix the facade.

If you don't wanna listen to him mumbling, just scroll to 6:15 :).

Ok, tell smth else about your condo.

I like my tap crane. I can hold it and point anywhere..

It is BLACK so it fits.... the kitchen color.

Ok, what else? For those who like romantic intimate dinner I'd recommend these lamps.

I also like to lighten the candles, pour some wine... and relax after a hard day at work.

I used tile not only on the floor but also on the wall, cause it's easy to clean.

There are several more problems on my kitchen, so I hope you'll come to me again some day....

After wine location has changed... :).

Tell smth more I like conservative style of interior so to make my grey walls look more interesting I used moldings.

What else do you wanna know? :) Aren't you tired of making your bed every day?! How many pillows are there.... 4?!!!.

I'm a perfectionist! Remember? :).

Besides it's a nice way to brighten the interior. I can change color of pillows for yellow, green and so on....

Sounds nice, but what about your blue wall? How will yellow pillows match that color?.

I'm a very creative person so I'll find a way to make it work :).

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