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Профессиональный бокс. Лучшие моменты боев HBO 2015

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Лучшие моменты боев профессионального бокса HBO 2015 В краткой подборке собраны лучшие моменты боя, накауты, накдауны, падения, вылеты за ринг, вообщем, если вы любите бокс, это видео для вас.

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This is Round seven narrated yes and deliver shot yeah I set it up first with a jab just like that it was over and resting Russell Morris starts a camp and he realizes the agony you don't get that contagion he from a shot in the jaw and added our only buy shot do that to you it's not lost on Casa de Leon he says win by KO or lose by KO mook oke guys land oh good left hook that truck Ranma. Watch the legs of ponte de Leon.

Dropped it again the vets here in the second round one lone attack again day one of second.

Round and then he dropped ponte de leon twice this is a rebirth for one the low peasant what brought him back six years ago against the st. Vitus small tuna showed us Leonard in the buffer. Whoa.

This is really dry.

Ooh champion Jose Luis than I did these are up in high touch gloves good luck to both you.

Moment when as we said they were almost lobbying at the fight stop because of the cut Stenson rule goes out and lands this beautiful overhead and running that sends Estrada down and I think it's probably a lazy they set it up with up with the touched yet then the jab languishes that low from Estrada the right hand comes over the top and in the right hand posture and he shows his power and then will see the stop in Staniel and this is where a fighter like Figueroa can close the show oh absolutely and he did it dramatic.

But the teasing yes.

Intercontinental welterweight rap track coming forward.

The tide is turning number tells you a lot the power punches landed infra contributes out and that laser left jab lanes at the end at time straight again account Stevenson's nose now bleeding luxury on Adonis Stevenson so then you like everyone champion challenger.

The shaman but now the things he said kind of put it over the top there's that because it's very low and now right side the more expensive lost the 12 decision.

To the tune up the version one year. Sweeping in LA after doesn't look good.

Wrong second knockdown score he's gonna.

Let it go for Kenny survive a minute with a head shot after head shot.

Equilibrium off and it's hard to come back again with right hand over the sole left hand of areola it's one thing that throw the punch out it done a thing to the felt a bit a last look before Jack Reese had a say that he has seen enough areola coming forward Laverne with a good job of actually counter punch again taking what's giving them as areolas head fell.

Yeah cause we.

For a specific position exactly.

Rather the fight and at this point Spencer slanting single shot but everything landing he gets his man troubling Baxter.

And try step the beating another Minotaur sir.

This is me into the fight look at you shot that left uppercut that was a bad pun expensive Lansdale.

Have a guy coming up the second-longest but also. My cabbage efforts a tear. I know they don't exactly exist this is a phone booth Mike son far plenty of fistic fireworks don't display here in our main event Oh left hook jump back up camel guy they are fighting like the dentist and the carpenter tooth and nail starting to have a fight of the year type of feel to a good old fashioned brawl to close out the evening here in Southern California. Very happy but bruised and battered Robert the ghost gorilla.

Fuck great saw his man was hurt there was no contest after that he noticed took some huge shots here for the end of round seven and Charlie Fitch could have called a knockdown alone because he knows catapulted into the ropes and clearly the ropes kept him up watch how he runs into the ropes here that could remember all the knockdown it would have been interesting to see if Fitch didn't rule a knockdown there whether he would have allowed to fight to continue but I think we all agree can honest look like a beat but yeah I did please balance so that it bounces is shaking there its feet of shake.

Odom's show power in round seven something he hasn't done throughout his career great ability to finish when he had his man heard it was old get that 40 let's go knock down Leonard remember but this one is much more damaged and then we will see where the nap a straight right hand trouble here in the hole but in this instance and then in the.

There's the jab when I was waiting for it tyrunt tyrunt would been better off not throwing any punches he would have lasted on longer in this fight teddy.

Take another look at the knock down in extreme slo-mo and why did he get knocked out well for one reason I returned after and as he brought the jet back he brought it down stead of rein it back to where threw it from the body with a right hand counter left hook upstairs by opens against.

Round two between it's positively on tones and.

As Thomas Tom.



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