Заливка, свяжка, ремонт пола
Множество рекомендаций по ремонту пола.
Видео с дельными советами. Как сделать свой пол теплым и ровным.


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Good all day to me call review today I I would like to tell how to insulate the concrete floor.

There is a many types of insulation a couple of them I'll tell you I will tell this warming polystyrene foam insulation of various materials claydite but we are on this time we will consider the very the cheapest option is sawdust why the total area.

Concreting from me is 7 out of 3 square I figured if layer 10 centimeters use penoplex press then then it turns out this room is for me there will be about 40,000 73 squares 10 centimeters it turns out about 40,000 and to say that heavy money but anyway for me it seems expensive now what I wanted tell about sawdust concrete sawdust concrete you came up with this can look in its Internet invented Seventies thermal conductivity he is no worse than well, maybe a little bit is styrofoam may be in office and penoplex but he why did not I get.

Wide application in my opinion this was due to the fact that that sawdust concrete is not likes tall buildings you can get it only how could I I think that that is possible build one-storey because of this did not receive wide application that's the most important thing price for example if that's all for me close all without squares died i counted from me adults about 10,000 with the guys to be help which will knead well and and all that now go to the recipe.

Also you can internet look this recipe me compounding on the block.

If you for example want to to be reinsured to be reinsured you can add a little bit of sand and cement in order to get very Hard mass but if you add more sand and more cement then respectively thermal conductivity will increase and floors with a warm floor have longer heating but we do according to the recipe that for this you can sand sawdust and hydrated lime lime you can fly like a jaw and you can we are in Bashkortostan city sterlitamak we have here soda plant therefore communication with us problems no, then we go piggy cat from.

Use drying somebody a small file but we at the moment small file why because we have here such an opportunity take now we pass to that that like u need uses here we see then what will we take as there is such a in fact, it's you in principle does not hurt Here such here but we we did it cleaned with armored bed for what is it done for the fact that when alignment with aligning it in I did not get out outside to you sawdust was clean but then what's left here are these chips we are and lowered in anyway closed ready therefore problems no we will not did the kneading mean.

But peredok recipe prescription means 100.

Kilogram of sawdust 100 kilogram of sawdust 25 kg of sand 6 kilogram of hydrated lime and 20 kilograms cement we all shared this evenly in half why because it seems so it is not will accommodate such a volume and so we made 50 50 water is added.

At your look if for example you will add a little water then in this case you will be very it's hard to put it in..

Added even water I can not tell you can drive 15 buckets it depends on you now what i want say here we provided warm floors I was talking to many they say first I had an idea put foam plastic a foam and immediately refused not zara not because of the high cost of a due to the fact that installation of heated floors there is a probability is that polystyrene cracked accordingly you there will be swings and will not be very good Now then we examined where on plex we serial good and nothing I will say there are no censures but expensive now in the country crisis therefore I I think that what sawdust concrete does not inferior penoplex is therefore dear ones viewers from your permissions we are now let's start flooding you.

So the first knead which we have stirred it poured out here here I already unloaded a there is still no petite recommendation from me if we for example he has sawdust porous structure respectively you do this like this first stroking this way looked like you.

Turned out to be uneven structure is these here rope they to us serve less the level accordingly I want to say if their no you will be on this the room is very hard as you progress this central thread we move to yourself that at least about level I do not know I say to here exactly about us all equally try it align then means aligned to thread and such crimes 3 no tangles displays me aligned with here's the way then.

In the future we we will necessarily remove what happened at us in the long run how to walk on it and as it enters here.

Subscribe subscribe and put hounds and friends decided show you this the video is the most budget house for year-round accommodation from the archive building forum just a house dot org in this house already have lived for several years people two-storey small house umka which is intended for those people who prefer small buildings up to 50 square meters benefit of these buildings is that their state tax is off but when this is for all the house can be enjoyable and comfortable in this the case is energy effective house umka in which small stove for that he was fully burnt and ointments my summer is home for year-round residence wall thickness 30 centimeters foundation monolithic there is no stove in the house a single battery in it there are special protected windows outside the house is covered siding with the that a small family of three people can in this house is comfortable reside in the winter in such a house can build on from 3 to 6 one hundred the place remains for that there were beds that there was a hothouse what is the advantage such small houses requires little energy for to warm such a house wall is not let the warmth of it verified by thermal imaging window are made special for so that they skip infrared radiation is not released him back a double tambour door all this allows comfortably live and winter and summer so we we recommend a house to those who want acquire a small land is cheap build a house and pay small taxes in this case we are such a house offer people the who came with periphery of Moscow region or arrived from the neighboring countries abroad in the general complexity of such a house will cost about 500 thousand rubles Unfortunately, the video does not the house is shown from the inside operator is simply not guessed to remove it and it does not say what full set this house wall material too by the way nothing said but I know that builders themselves produce Soil blocks and sooner total house made it is from them that over just trimmed siding and in this house there are two women operator with them too talked and they confirmed that in winter in this house is very heat is heated the house is not big wood stove and reason and drowns this heat is enough for the whole day from the movie we found in archive of construction forum video filmed in August 2014 at the time it was the most low-budget house for permanent residence for permanent they are dacha house and house price is named on the moment of shooting now she certainly changed because now we have 2016 give one's year opinion on this house you can on the forum link to description go to the rabbit building forum sign up discuss this house and road construction houses address forum just a house dot org

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